Mouland Coaching and Consulting offers a holistic approach to movement education and neurodevelopment programs for all ages and abilities to (re) establish the physical foundation on which to build emotional balance, social comfort, cognitive skills, and communication abilities. It is about synchronizing the brain-body-heart connections through movement.

The Sport of Life recipe includes a powerful blend of Brain Gym® and Rhythmic Movement Training, a sprinkle of fun and a dash of laughter. It can be experienced in private sessions and specialty movement-based classes or workshops. Courses and training are available for those interested in learning Brain Gym®.

We begin by learning to move. Then, we move to interact with our world – establish friendships, read a book, tell a story, walk the dog, write a report, focus on completing a task, sing and dance. We tap into our potential. When there is a block in the brain-body-heart connections, potential is locked in, our interaction with the world is incomplete, difficult, a challenge. Mouland Coaching and Consulting programs provide the keys to unlock potential, to optimize how you interact with the world.

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Have you received an ASSESSMENT FROM YOUR CHILD'S TEACHER / SCHOOL WITH AREAS OF CONCERN and you don't know what to do?

Are you experiencing a sense of over-whelm? STRESSED, NOT SLEEPING WELL, OR SUFFERING FROM HEADACHES, AND BODY ACHES? Are you ready for relief?

IS YOUR CHILD STRUGGLING WITH LEARNING TO READ or comprehending what is read? Would you like your child to discover the joy of reading?

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