MS symptoms decrease when using Brain Gym and Rhythmic Movement

Tanya Mouland Jul 20, 2020

Tanya has helped me to break Multiple Sclerosis down to it simplest form. Together we have addressed symptom by symptom, developed tools to manage compensations. I have had MS for 25 years now, taken the drugs, searched for a cure. Seems to me that magic pill is inside each of us. Together Tanya is and helped me overcome Multiple Sclerosis!

Foot Drop used to be a huge handicap. We have addressed this compensation, it is always a work in progress as is life. Yes I do still live with the challenge, now manifestation is less pronounced. There have been many steps (get it) in the process, starting with waking the feet up, a lot of rewiring the brain making new neurologic connections.

There is also a cognitive function being addressed, within this Tanya has been invaluable.

The developmental movement piece also has given me better range in movement and given back some lost functionality. The relief of inflammatory pain has been incredible. It just takes less energy to get where I am going. Resulting in more energy and less fatigue. That being said are benefits yes, the true magic is in the baby movements, initiates instinctual learning program.

Getting the bodies nutrition back online has been another crucial part for me, we do need minerals, vitamins and proper detoxification to assist in energy production, health and wellness.

Tanya offers many differing modalities. Using the body’s meridians is another unique area Tanya offers experience in. Overall with all the different tools I now possess, I no longer am panicked about what is happening to me. Having the ability to calmly deal with my stress and energy levels I have Tanya’s Brain Gym program and the personal management tools to thank for that.


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